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Colour Grid

Design research resulting in matching tones

compositions of end-grain wooden blocks. Taking an

almost mathematical approach, the wooden blocks

have been individually coloured in a highly controlled,

gradual process, highlighting the nuances and

gradients of the interplay between wood and colour.


Liquid colorants soak into the material, heightening the surface texture, enhancing the visibility of the grain and enriching the material structure.

The properties of the wood and colours render each series unique.


A black frame holds around dozens of hand-painted wooden blocks, lending the warm, tactile characteristics of wood an architectural quality.

These colourful compositions – formerly exclusively available as wall-mounted objects – have also grown into full-sized, freestanding room dividers.


These research-based objects upgrade any interior wall surface with a touch of minimalist stillness that keeps inviting you to take another look, again and again. Available in various sizes and compositions (price upon request).


Year: 2020

Photography: Dana Savic / About Today

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