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Doppelgänger encourages colourful reflections:

choose from a variety of colour combinations, pick just

one or build a constellation of mirrors.

Dutch Design Studio RENS Doppelgänger mirror

It's time for some serious reflection. Two colourful planes graphically come together in every individual mirror. As such, each Doppelgänger acts as a stand-alone object. Yet by combining two or more pieces, you can build a larger surface, or even an installation-like wall ensemble of mirrors.


"We wanted to design an individual mirror that can grow into a larger constellation of reflection: a playground of light and colour."


Like building blocks, the colourful planes of individual mirrors form a geometric pattern when combined. The various colours were carefully chosen to fit together effortlessly, or contrarily, to boldly contrast with one another.







Year: 2022

Photography: Ronald Smits

Dutch Design Studio RENS Doppelgänger mirror
Dutch Design Studio RENS Doppelgänger mirror detail
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