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Fade To Stay

A research project into the aesthetics of fading. Fade to Stay deploys light and time to reveal how colours transform into new gradients.


Colours are continuously subject to change. To take control of this process, visualize these dynamics and utilise the phenomenon of fading as a designtool, layered primary colours were printed and, using a hi-end simulator, exposed to a variable amount of sunlight. This creates unexpected shades and combinations.


"This project originated from our fascination with the colour red and its susceptibility to fading. We noticed this happening in cars, signs, stadium seats and in many other products. It is still a dream of ours to one day design a car with a built-in fading process, turning it into a welcome, positive development instead of a negative occurrence." 


Our experiments and inquiries resulted in a one-off print series that shows the whole process, one fading step after another. This research project was made possible by Canon and Philips innovation services. Canon and Philips welcomed us into their offices, answered our questions and facilitated our experiments.


Year: 2015

Photography: Dana Savic

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