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Glass Ensemble XL 

Number: 47

Year: 2020

Material: Glass & Brass (hanging system)

Price: € 4350,-

Dimensions: 70 x 57 x 5 cm

Raise a glass to these exclusive ensembles of multiple layers of colourful transparent glass sheets.

In Glass Ensembles, the remarkable material characteristics speak for themselves in striking compositions that create an eye-catching play of light on any wall surface.​​


RENS meticulously chooses traditional sheets of glass based on their color, and transforms these materials into innovative, present-day designs.


Glass Ensembles include a simple brass suspension system to display the glass object. Available as wall pieces and made-to-order glass frameworks in various sizes, colours and compositions. Bespoke design and realisation, price upon request.


Everything is interconnected: in this case, things started out with Glass Ensemble XL, followed by the most recent expression Glass Ensemble XS

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