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Nighty Night Colours


Consumer preference data hiding in Auping’s order history and sales figures was our starting point for an intensive study visualizing which colours are purchased the most, which ones the least — and the differences between countries and regions.

The colour study and thorough exploration of the factory and the production process resulted in a concept that visualized the data and our findings. The display is at once aesthetically pleasing and can be understood instantly.


"Completely open and with a carte blanche, Auping invited us to 'set up camp' in their headquarters in Deventer. We were free to discover the company and the factory, and to put our findings into this visual translation, without any set requirements."


The preliminary results of the collaboration can be seen in a rousing display of Auping customer choices. Different graphic representations of these preferences are part of the extensive range of available options against the limited variation in choices.



Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld & Ronald Smits

Graphic design: Studio&




Royal Auping, Dutch bed manufacturer since 1888, approached RENS to conduct a comprehensive colour analysis and design the colour samples for its linens. The collaboration went so successfully that they extended their partnership into the Nighty-Night Colours project during Dutch Design Week in 2017.


RENS used consumer preference data embedded in Auping's order history as the starting point for a groundbreaking exhibition, visualising the most and least purchased colours — and the differences between countries and regions.


As a follow-up, RENS also delved into Auping's most recent sales numbers. This exploration resulted in colourful grids that act as flexible percentage charts, illustrating the latest preferences for lacquer colours of customized wooden bed frames in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia.



‘Collaborating with RENS is really working together, each from their profession and expertise. With Nighty-Night Colours, we’ve given our consumers a face, or better yet: colour. RENS has contributed to this in a unique and highly skilled manner.’

— Rudi van Erp, Product Designer, Royal Auping

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