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Piet Hein Eek Hotel


From colour design to custom flooring and rugs:

working closely together with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek himself,

we designed custom colour schemes for every room

in HOTEL Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven.


Every room in the hotel is unique: the 'living' (or sleeping) quarters center around the work of various individual artists. Subdued and balanced colour palettes support the artworks and make them truly stand out.


The bathrooms all display outspoken and unexpected colour combinations with every wall, floor and ceiling sporting a different colour from the Lacq x Piet Hein Eek chart.


Moreover, custom flooring and rugs complete the look and feel of the individual rooms and hallways. Working from a distinct colour scheme and an inventive framework for distributing rolls of carpet based on their measurements, we created one-off carpet flooring and rugs.


The gradients are inspired by the technique of tufting and take a classic banded pattern as their point of departure. These various rugs and carpet designs allow for flexible compositions, reminding one of a game of Tetris. The result: lots of different designs without any waste of materials.




Piet Hein Eek is internationally known for his distinctive furniture design, yet his portfolio also includes large-scale interior projects and the revitalization of entire structures. In 2020, the designer teamed up with RENS for in-depth research into the colourful thread running through his work over the past 30 years.


This collaborative effort resulted in a selection of colours that were translated into an exclusive paint line boasting 40 distinctive hues, crafted by artisanal paint manufacturer Lacq (Vliegenthart). A year later, RENS’ research also led to the design of a custom colour scheme for every room in Piet Hein Eek's hotel in his hometown of Eindhoven.

Year: 2021

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