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PHE Hotel Carpet 06

Year: 2021

Colour: Purple and Taupe 

Material: Wool

Price: € 1920,-

Dimensions: 200 x 300 cm

Well-balanced colour schemes turn every room in Piet Hein Eek Hotel

into a one-off experience. Moreover, working from a distinct colour scheme and an inventive framework for distributing rolls of carpet based on their measurements, we created carpet flooring for the hallways and rugs tailored to the rooms.

Four colours, two techniques: endless possibilities. Orange, green, purple and brown were selected as the carpets' base colours. We alternate between cut pile and loop pile tufting techniques. Taking a classic banded pattern as their point of departure and playing with various compositions, unique gradients emerge in the carpets. Walking through the hotel's hallways, their appearance changes, depending on distance and the guest's perspective.

The carpets amplify the dimensions of the hallways but also enhance the guests' experience of these transitional spaces. The hallway carpet designs were leading and determined the design for the individual rugs in the rooms. This framework allows for flexible compositions in carpet and individual rugs, reminding one of a game of Tetris. The result: lots of different designs without any waste of materials.

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