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Re-vive Tiles 

Colour: Hopscotch

Year: 2019

Material: Polyamide

Price: € 60,50 per m2

A new lease of life for Tarkett’s carpet tiles. With the colourful Re-vive treatment, obsolete collections of this functional and highly flexible product now come in myriad shades and gradients too. Adding a dash of colour to every office or home interior.

By using a manual dyeing process on the obsolete collections, the carpet-tiles are re-coloured with red dye. The colour red makes a bold statement signaling to people that textile materials should not be wasted.


The interacting yarns and red dye produce new and unique colour shades every time. Every quality and colour of the original carpet-tile fits perfectly together now because they're united by the colour red. Upon request, the concept can be applied in the design of offices, shops and homes.

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