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Unfoiled Paper 

Design and material studies with transparent coloured foil and paper on cardboard – translated into a series of graphic visualizations. By sketching with the format as a single frame, the material determines the ever-changing compositions itself.

Unfoiled framed grafic artwork designed by Studio RENS with blue and red

All designs show the various, almost innumerable possibilities of the mixing and matching of colours. These works reflect the way we think: in colour and basic shapes. From those first rough outlines, our sketches often turn into fully-formed three-dimensional objects.


Available in two versions (Unfoiled Paper small & Unfoiled Paper medium)


Everything is interconnected: in this case, things started out with Unfoiled Paper, followed by Unfoiled Glass. The most recent expression is Unfoiled Vase

Year: 2018

Photography: Ernie Enkelaar / Dana Savic / RENS

detail of grafic artwork designed by Studio RENS
Frontview of the Unfoiled collection grafic artwork designed by Studio RENS
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