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Unfoiled Vase


Studies into form and material, using full colour block

ceramics foils, translated into a series of cylinder vases.

The placing of the foil blocks by hand creates a

variety of one-of-a-kind graphic compositions. 


For this series, the classic vase design by Zweitse Landsheer, founder of ceramics studio Cor Unum, serves as a blank canvas. Unfoiled Vases are available in a variety of colour combinations.


The Unfoiled Vases expands on the research and findings of the Unfoiled Paper process. The Unfoiled Vases collection was developed during our designers-in-residence at Cor Unum Ceramics.

Here we developed a partly standardized process by determining the colours and the formal framework. Within this framework, everyone at Cor Unum is able to create these vases freely and independently, reflecting Cor Unum's original vision of shared creativity and equal opportunity.

Everything is interconnected: in this case, things started out with Unfoiled Paper, followed by Unfoiled Glass. The most recent expression is Unfoiled Vase. 

Year: 2021

Photography: Ronald Smits




The ceramic experts of Cor Unum and RENS have maintained a broad and fruitful collaboration for years. Their cross-pollination started in 2013 with an extensive exploration into the use of red in ceramics, a challenging colour in porcelain and earthenware.


This colour and material research gave birth to the joint collection Reddish, for which RENS devised and developed a unique colouring process, leading to a series of beautiful collaborations, including Colour Traces, Table Top, Colour Tubes, Unfoiled Vases, and Re-glow.


‘RENS was the first with whom we started a material research. For us, the collaboration was a great way to gain new insights – and a starting point for many new collaborations with other designers.’

— Lotte Landsheer, Director, Cor Unum Ceramics

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